Friday, June 27, 2014


The month of July our All Eight Limbs focus will be on the second of the five Yamas, Satya.  

Typically Satya is understood to mean TRUTH, but translated to English, Satya means UNCHANGEABLE.  Most of us are not there yet.  We change our perception of reality in split seconds convincing ourselves of anything we like, then disagreeing with ourselves, then agreeing again. This moving, contradictory truth can not be our Satya definition. Satya for a yogi means ABSOLUTE TRUTH of REALITY.

Even when we make a strong effort to see and live in real TRUTH it is difficult to say what that is.  When we look at truth we see that it is different for each person.  It is as if each of us wears a variety of tinted glasses which color our life experience causing us to see reality differently. When we realize this, we are more able to understand why others can feel so sure of something we "know" is untrue.  Truth is different for each individual ego, but for a YOGI, truth is ONE, ABSOLUTE, UNCHANGING.  The question becomes how to rise from our individual, ego centered authenticity to the larger interpretation.

There are levels of truth.

These days there are many voices telling us to BE TRUE to ourselves.  This has validity only when we look to the most inner part of ourselves which is in fact connected to the whole of humanity. There exists the little self and the larger self.  The little self says, "How can I be true to my wants and needs?"  The larger self asks, "How can I in truth serve others?"  Satisfying the little can lead to the large, but we should be careful not to mistake our ego authenticity for the ULTIMATE truth which is without ego and rests in love, and service.

Swami Vivekananda said TRUTH is "unselfish even unto death" and that "Our duty is to encourage every one in his struggle to live up to his own highest idea and strive at the same time to make the ideal as near as possible to the Truth.

He said:

  • That is the one test of truth. It never decays, it is always the same.
  • That which is true must be infinite and eternal.
  • Truth can be stated in a thousand different ways, yet each one can be true.
  • Truth can never come to us as long as we are selfish.  

Do you agree?  What are your thoughts, feelings, struggles with TRUTH?  We want to hear. Share THREE images, quotes, or musings on SATYA each week for the month of July on Instagram. Tag us @landyoganyc and hashtag #alleightlimbs for a VERY special prize!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tranquil Tuesdays

The AHIMSA challenge continues today with Tranquil Tuesdays.  Ahimsa means non-harm or non-violence.  When an A proceeds a word in Sanskrit, it can also be translated as "the opposite of" which means another definition of A-HIMSA would be the opposite of violence... or PEACE.

Today we practice peace and tranquility.  It is said that when a person is completely peaceful no harm can happen around them.  

Practice smiling, calm breathing, and committing to TRANQUILITY today.  I look forward to hearing what happens!

Remember to post your picture of peacefulness on Instagram. Tag @landyoganyc and hashtag #alleightlimbs. What you share can inspire another!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Limb One, Part One, Day one: All Eight Limbs

Last week I announced my intention to educate on the definition of yoga and begin to communicate all its different parts or limbs.  The first limb of yoga is called the YAMAS and there are FIVE of them.

Today we dedicated the month of June to the first of the five yamas which is called AHIMSA and means Non-Harm.  Much harder than any yoga pose I've ever attempted, is navigating through life without causing harm to myself or others.  Rather than try to take this all on in one chunk, I'll be sharing small ways we can practice AHIMSA together through the month of June.

In line with the already extremely popular movement Meatless Monday, I've dedicated Mondays in June to practicing non-harm of animals. You can participate with us by sharing an image and/or recipe of your vegetarian meal on Instagram, tagging us @landyoganyc and using the hashtag #alleightlimbs.

Devoting a day to eating only vegetarian isn't just an act of non-violence toward animals, it is a great aid to the environment.  Depletion of natural resources, most significantly fresh water, and release of harmful gas emissions from the abundance of waste are just two of the negative consequences of such abundant livestock.  I'm not a pure vegetarian and I'm definitely not preaching to anyone about what they eat. The goal is mindfulness, education, and balance. This month let's keep Meatless Mondays.

I ask you to rise to even a higher standard of NON-HARMFUL eating each Monday than simply the elimination of meat.  Mondays this month, we watch any consumption that may injure our minds, bodies, or spirits. Food has a strong effect on all levels of our being.

Eat Smart. Practice Yoga. All Eight Limbs.